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Our Mission

Poverty Alleviation Chicago is a nonprofit organization

on a mission to use Art as a conduit to transform

passive compassion into immediate assistance through

the distribution of money given, without expectation

or judgment, directly to families experiencing poverty.

Board of Directors


Fred Armisen

comedian, actor

Alexander Burke_edited.jpg

Alexander Burke

musician, composer, producer, writer, actor

Kirk Crenshaw_edited.jpg

Kirk Crenshaw

executive, entrepreneur, start-up advisor

Drew Hester_edited_edited.jpg

Drew Hester, treasurer

VP Controllership,GBS,Tax & Treasurey, Beam Suntory

Liz Kozak_edited.jpg

Liz Kozak

writer, producer, author

Brad Morris_edited.jpg

Brad Morris

actor, writer, producer

Katie Rich_edited.jpg

Katie Rich

comedian, writer, producer, actress

Spencer Tweedy_edited.jpg

Spencer Tweedy

musician, writer


Ashley Nicole Black

comedian, actress, writer, producer


Jennifer Candy

actress, comedian, producer

Chelsea Devantez_edited.jpg

Chelsea Devantez

writer, comedian, filmmaker

Shantira Jackson_edited.jpg

Shantira Jackson

writer, producer, actress, comedian

Kate Lambert_edited.jpg

Kate Lambert

actor, improviser, writer, producer

Rashida Olayiwola_edited.jpg

Rashida Olayiwola

comedian, actress, writer

Sam Richardson_edited.jpg

Sam Richardson

actor, comedian, writer, producer


Heather Whinna, president

filmmaker, photographer, producer

Edgar Blackmon_edited.jpg

Edgar Blackmon

actor, writer

Jesse Cannady_edited.jpg

Jesse Cannady, secretary

Senior Director, Project Development, Thinkwell Group

scott goldstein_edited.jpg

Scott Goldstein

creative professional, consultant, investor


TJ Jagodowski

comedian, actor, improvisational performer

Michael Morden_edited.jpg

Michael Morden

Partner, Honigman LLP

Chris Redd_edited.jpg

Chris Redd

comedian, actor, writer, rapper, singer

Amber Ruffin_edited.jpg

Amber Ruffin

comedian, writer, actress

Our Work In The News


December 1, 2023

WGN-9 Spotlight Chicago

by Ji Suk Yi, Sarah Jindra


December 1, 2020

by Andrew Hibel

Fred and POB.jpg

November 13, 2016

Chicago Tribune

by Liz Kozak

Steve Albini_edited.jpg

November 23, 2015


by Steve Albini


December 11, 2014

Chicago Tribune

by Greg Kot


December 8, 2014

The Columbia Chronicle

by Assistant Arts & Culture Editor


December 21, 2013


by Paul Biasco


January 13, 2010

The Chicago Tribune

by The Problem Solver


December 6, 2009

The Chicago Tribune

by John Yates

2003 - Dec. 4 Jeff Tweedy.JPEG

December 14, 2003

The New York Times

by David Bernstein

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